Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

Bedsheet-size b/w US Horror anthology Comic book (1964-1985). In early issues each individual story was introduced by a lean cadaverous ancient, Uncle Creepy. C was the first all-strip magazine by Warren Publishing, and from the start both cover and internal artwork were of the highest standard – with some very impressive contributions by Frank Frazetta and most other leading US artists of the genre. The effectiveness of the stories was limited by their brevity: most were routine horror tales with a somewhat clichéd "surprise" ending. In later issues this restrictive format was abandoned.

Throughout the life of circa, Warren continued to seek out the best artwork available, using artists from Spain, the UK, France, South America and the Philippines. Some of the covers for C and its sister magazine Eerie, particularly those by Frazetta and Manuel Sanjulian, have iconic status. [RT/DR]

This entry is taken from the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) edited by John Clute and John Grant. It is provided as a reference and resource for users of the SF Encyclopedia, but apart from possible small corrections has not been updated.