Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Curse of Dracula, The

US tv serial (1979). Universal/NBC. Pr Richard Milton, Paul Samuelson. Exec pr Kenneth Johnson. Created by Johnson. Writer Johnson. Dir Jeffrey Hayden, Johnson, Milton. Starring Carol Baxter (Mary Gibbons), Stephen Johnson (Kurt von [sic] Helsing), Michael Nouri (Count Dracula), Louise Sorel (Amanda Gibbons). 10 20min episodes. Colour.

The Dracula legend removed to modern-day San Francisco. Kurt von Helsing, grandson of famous Vampire- hunter Professor von Helsing, believes Dracula is still alive and posing as a college professor. Kurt is helped by Mary Gibbons, whose mother has been vampirized by Dracula. In the final episode, von Helsing kills Dracula and Mary her mother, ending her cursed existence. This serialized story was aired as part of the series Cliffhangers. [BC]

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