Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dracula – The Series

US syndicated tv series (1990). RHI. Exec pr David J Patterson, Robert Halmi Jr. Pr Glenn Davis, William Laurin. Dir René Bonniere and many others. Spfx John Gadjecki. Writers Phil Bedard and many others. Starring Bernard Behrens (Gustav Helsing), Geordie Johnson (Alexander Lucard/Dracula), Mia Kirshner (Sophia Metternich), Joe Roncetti (Christopher Townsend), Jacob Tierney (Maximilian Townsend), Geraint Wyn Davies (Klaus Helsing). 21 30min episodes. Colour.

Alexander Lucard, an enigmatic billionaire dwelling in a European castle, is the target of Gustav Helsing, a fourth-generation Vampire-killer. Several episodes deal with Helsing's efforts to rescue his son, Klaus, who has been vampirized by Lucard. Also involved are Sophia, a student boarding with Helsing, and the Townsend brothers, who discover Lucard's deadly secret and join Gustav's quest. The series, filmed in Luxembourg, centred on their suspicions and subsequent efforts to draw Lucard out into the open, and on the surprisingly large number of other vampires who crossed their paths. [BC]

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