Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gard, Joyce

Pseudonym of UK teacher, potter and writer Joyce Reeves (1911-1993), sister of James Reeves. She began publishing her YA novels with Woorroo (1961), in which a child is taught by the Bat People the art of flying (see Talents). She set several stories – including The Dragon of the Hill (1963), Talargain, the Seal's Whelp (1964) and The Mermaid's Daughter (1969) – in Land-of-Fable versions of Roman or Dark-Age Britain. In the second of these a young orphan boy is brought up by Selkies and Timeslips into modern England to speak of this and of King Aldfrith's (i.e., King Alfred's) attempts to unite the land. The protagonist of the last of them – perhaps her finest tale – is a covert agent of the Goddess in her Great Mother aspect, and attempts to convey to the Romans at Caerleon something of the fresh-minted sacredness of life in the Scilly Isles. [JC]

other works: The Hagwaste Donkeys (1976).

as translator: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (trans 1961) by Jules Verne (1828-1905).

Joyce Reeves


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