Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Ghosts Can't Do It

US movie (1990). Epic/Sarlui-Diamant/Taprobane/Crackajack. Pr John Derek. Dir Derek. Vfx Cinema Research Corp. Screenplay Derek. Starring Leo Damian (Fausto Garibaldi), Bo Derek (Katie Scott), Don Murray (Winston Hill), Anthony Quinn (M B "Great" Scott). 83 mins. Colour.

Elderly magnate Scott commits suicide. His Ghost becomes an Invisible Companion to his young widow Katie. Vile beach bum Garibaldi seeks her body, her mind clearly being terra incognita. Scott and Katie plan to kill Garibaldi so Scott may possess (see Possession) the youthful body at the moment of death, but she baulks at murder. However, Garibaldi drowns while attempting to rob Katie, so Scott effects the possession and all ends with a bang. Like most John/Bo Derek outings (e.g., Tarzan the Apeman [1981] see Tarzan), this weak comedy is largely an excuse for its star to make savings in the costume budget. Similar economies are evident elsewhere: Quinn's scenes consist almost entirely of solo chunks of dialogue declaimed from a cut-price Afterlife, separately and presumably quickly shot. [JG]

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