Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Giesy, John Ulrich

(1877-1948) US pulp writer best-known for sf but who also wrote, in collaboration with lawyer and fellow astrologer Junius B Smith (1883-1945), a number of fantasies featuring the Occult Detective Semi Dual, the name under which Prince Abduel Omar of Tehran, Persia, solves crimes, rescues women, thwarts criminals and captures spies who would menace the world. The physically impressive Semi Dual initially appeared as a series character in Cavalier (1912-1913), moved to All-Story Weekly (1914-1920), People's Magazine (1917-1918) and Top Notch (1918), ending his career in Argosy (1920-1924). His adventures are vivid and increasingly improbable, but the Astrology is presented as a rigorous, scientifically valid method. None of the Semi Dual stories has been collected. [RB]

John Ulrich Giesy


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