Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gilluly, Sheila

(?   -    ) US writer whose fantasy comprises two series set in the same Fantasyland composed out of Celtic-Fantasy elements as filtered through J R R Tolkien. The Greenbriar Queen sequence – Greenbriar Queen (1988), The Crystal Keep (1988) and Ritnym's Daughter (1989) – follows the life of young Ariadne, an Ugly Duckling soon exposed as a Hidden Monarch whose throne is held by a usurper king and his evil Wizard sidekick. Aided by a Seven-Samurai group of Companions, she gains the throne, survives the loss of her husband in the second volume, and brings her headstrong son to maturity in the third. The second sequence, the Book of the PainterThe Boy from the Burren (1990), The Giant of Inishkerry (1992) and The Emperor of Earth-Above (1993), with further volumes projected – is far more resolutely, although no more interestingly, Celtic. [JC]

Sheila Gilluly


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