Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Golding, Louis

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(1895-1958) UK writer whose tales of genre note are mostly Supernatural Fiction. In The Miracle Boy (1927), the dead are brought to life again. The Pursuer (1936) is sf. Honey for the Ghost (1949) is a tale of Possession. His collections include The Doomington Wanderer (coll 1934; vt This Wanderer 1935 US; cut vt in 2 vols as The Call of the Hand and Other Stories 1944 chap UK and The Vicar of Dunkerly Briggs 1944 chap UK) and Pale Blue Nightgown: A Book of Tales (coll 1944), both including Ghost Stories. [JC]

other works: Bareknuckle Lover and Other Stories (coll circa 1947 chap); The Frightening Talent (1973).

Louis Golding


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