Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Goulart, Ron

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(1933-    ) US writer of, principally, sf in planetary settings with a uniformly Californian flavour, full of deadpan Humour and one-line gags. His Chameleon Corps sf stories star Shapeshifting intelligence agents in The Sword Swallower (1968), The Chameleon Corps and Other Shape Changers (coll 1972) – including several fantasies with the same theme – and Flux (1974). The Fire-Eater (1970), though notionally sf, involves comic capers on a world where Magic works, Werewolves and Sorcery abound, etc. Ghost Breaker (coll 1971 dos) collects RG's fantasy tales of the Occult Detective Max Kearney, whose clients' problems include Transformation into an elephant on US public holidays, Ghosts haunting tv sets, a water Elemental in a Californian swimming-pool, a harassing employer who inflicts Invisibility on those seeking another job, and other modern magical outbreaks. RG has also written several books of nonfiction on pulp Magazines and Comics; he edited, and largely wrote, the quirky The Encyclopedia of American Comics (1990). [DRL]

see also: Vampirella.

Ronald Joseph Goulart


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