Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gozzi, Carlo

(1720-1806) Italian dramatist, author of numerous "fiable", plays which married fantasy and the Commedia dell'Arte. The most famous (though the least fantastical) of these is Turandot (1765) (see Opera). He was subject of a study by Vernon Lee, "Carlo Gozzi and the Venetian Fairy Comedy". His Fiable dell' amore delle tre melarance (1761) was adapted by Sergei Prokoviev (1891-1953) as the opera whose title is generally rendered in English as The Love for Three Oranges (produced 1921), and his Il re cervo ["King Stag"] (1762) was made into the opera König Hirsh (produced 1956) by Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012). [JC]

Carlo Gozzi


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