Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Grabiński, Stefan

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(1887-1936) Polish writer. The Dark Domain (coll trans Miroslaw Lipinski 1993 UK), which marks his first appearance in English, assembles work published throughout his active career, which ran only 1918-circa 1930. Collections include Na wzgóru ro ["On the Hill of Roses"] (coll 1918), Demon ruchu ["The Demon of Motion"] (coll 1919), Szalony pątnik ["The Frenzied Pilgrim"] (coll 1920), Kelga ognia ["The Book of Fire"] (coll 1922) and Niesamowita opowieść ["An Uncanny Story"] (coll 1922); his work was advocated by Stanisław Lem (1921-2006). Most of SG's stories are Supernatural Fiction, and very frequently use Doppelgänger figures to dramatize the plights of fractured consciousnesses. A sense of the permeating ubiquity of anguished supernatural voices and presences, and of the unquenchable Reality of such voices and presences, is reminiscent of the work of Gustav Meyrink. He was personally obsessed by trains – at least one tale in The Dark Domain unmistakably sexualizes their thrust and motion, and references to them appear throughout his work: trains conveying passengers into Otherworlds; trains haunted by Ghosts; insane locomotives (see Animate/Inanimate); trains which evoke erotic frenzy. [JC]

Stefan GrabiŃski


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