Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Green, Roland J

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(1944-    ) US writer who has in recent years concentrated on sf, but whose career began with the first volume in the Wandor sequence of Sword-and-Sorcery adventures: Wandor's Ride (1973), Wandor's Journey (1975), Wandor's Voyage (1979) and Wandor's Flight (1981). There is an overall structure to the sequence which distinguishes Wandor's exploits from Heroic Fantasy; he is an Ugly Duckling and a Hidden Monarch whose various feats and Quests are shaped to demonstrate his growing fitness for his ultimate role. Unfortunately, the series was terminated before any fitting climax. While working on the Wandor books, RJG also wrote most of the Richard Blade sequence of Science-Fantasy adventures under the house name Jeffrey Lord. Special agent Blade travels by Portal to a variety of Alternate Realities – some are other dimensions of an sf sort, some are Technofantasy venues, some are pure Fantasyland – where he commits various exploits by virtue of his martial and other skills. RJG's contributions to the sequence include all volumes from #9 on, with the exception of #30 Dimension of Horror (1979), by Ray Nelson. The first volumes, all by Manning Lee Stokes, are #1 The Bronze Axe (1969), #2 The Jade Warrior (1969), #3 Jewel of Tharn (1969), #4 Slave of Sarma (1970), #5 Liberator of Jedd (1971), #6 Monster of the Maze (1972), #7 Pearl of Patmos (1973) and #8 Undying World (1973). RJG's contributions are #9 Kingdom of Royth (1974), #10 Ice Dragon (1974), #11 Dimension of Dreams (1974), #12 King of Zunga (1975), #13 The Golden Steed (1975), #14 The Temples of Ayocan (1975), #15 The Towers of Melnon (1975), #16 The Crystal Seas (1975), #17 The Mountains of Brega (1976), #18 Warlords of Gaikon (1976), #19 Looters of Tharn (1976), #20 Guardians of the Coral Throne (1976), #21 Champion of the Gods (1976), #22 The Forests of Gleor (1977), #23 Empire of Blood (1977), #24 The Dragons of Englor (1977), #25 The Torian Pearls (1977), #26 City of the Living Dead (1978), #27 Master of the Hashomi (1978), #28 Wizard of Rentoro (1978), #29 Treasure of the Stars (1978), #31 Gladiators of Hapanu (1979), #32 Pirates of Gohar (1979), #33 Killer Plants of Binaark (1980), #34 The Ruins of Kaldac (1981), #35 The Lords of the Crimson River (1981), #36 Return to Kaldac (1983) and #37 Warriors of Latan (1984).

Other fantasy novels by RJG include Jamie the Red (1984) with Gordon R Dickson, set in a Land-of-Fable medieval Europe; and Throne of Sherran: The Book of Kantela (1985) with Frieda Murray (RJG's wife), in which young Queen Kantela learns how to keep her throne. He also contributed several novels to the Conan enterprise (see Robert E Howard). His recent work – with the exception of a tie, Dragonlance: Knights of the Crown * (1995) – has been sf. [JC]

Roland James Green


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