Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Green, Sharon

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(1942-    ) US writer whose early work comprised two Planetary-Romance series: the Terrilian sequence, featuring the sadomasochistic plight of a bound, stripped, beaten, ultimately obedient woman on another planet, and the Amazon Warrior sequence, whose protagonist fights back harder, but has the same things done to her. The obvious parallel with the work of John Norman was underlined by the publishing company, which released the works of both authors. Of more fantasy interest is the Far Side of Forever sequence – The Far Side of Forever (1987) and Hellhound Magic (1989) – in which a flirtatious heroine and a Seven-Samurai group, one of them a Shapeshifter, use Portals to search various worlds for their goal. In Dawn Song (1990), the King of the Sun and the Daughter of the Moon collaborate in a Quest. Silver Princess, Golden Knight (1993) and its sequel, Wind Whispers, Shadow Shouts (1995), carry a female shapeshifter via portals into various worlds in search of a man who will master her. [JC]

other works: Lady Blade, Lord Fighter (1987); The Hidden Realms (1993); Enchanting (1994).

Sharon Green


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