Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Greenaway, Kate

Working name of UK illustrator Catherine Greenaway (1846-1901). Her quaint costume designs and pictures of mob-capped little girls and frilly-trousered short-jacketed boys so captivated the public that it was claimed KG "dressed the children of two continents". After illustrating many books by other writers, she achieved international success with her own collection of verses and drawings, Under the Window (coll 1878). John Ruskin gave her much encouragement. She was also acclaimed for her paintings of fruit and flowers, seen to best effect in her Language of Flowers (1884) and Marigold Garden (1885). The very popular Kate Greenaway Almanacks appeared every year 1883-1895, concluding with a final Almanack and Diary for 1897 (1896). One of KG's best-known works was her edition of Robert Browning's The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1888). The (UK) Library Association Kate Greenaway Award, presented annually in recognition of distinguished works of children's book illustration, is named in her honour. [RD]

other works illustrated (selective): Puck and Blossom (1874) by Rosa Mulholland; The Fairy Spinner (1875) by Miranda Hill; Seven Birthdays; A Fairy Chronicle (1876) by Kathleen Knox; Mother Goose or The Old Nursery Rhymes (1881); The Queen of the Pirate Isle (1886) by Bret Harte; The Royal Progress of King Pepito (1889) by Beatrice Cresswell.

further reading: Kate Greenaway (1905) by M H Spielmann and G S Layard; The Kate Greenaway Book (1976) by Bryan Holme.

Catherine Greenaway


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