Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Greenberg, Martin H

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(1941-2011) US academic and editor, immensely prolific in the latter capacity for over two decades; most of this work has been in the field of sf. MHG's contributions to fantasy, though he would rank as prolific by most standards, are comparatively uncommon. Anthologies of interest include: Hollywood Unreel (anth 1982); the Barbarians sequence, Barbarians (anth 1985) and Barbarians II (anth 1988) with Robert Adams and Charles G Waugh (1943-    ); Fantastic Stories: Tales of the Weird and Wondrous (anth 1987) with Patrick Lucien Price; Vamps (anth 1987) with Waugh; Cinemonsters (anth 1987), comprised of stories upon which various Monster Movies were based; House Shudders (anth 1987) with Waugh; Red Jack (anth 1988) (see Jack the Ripper); Hunger for Horror (anth 1988) with Pamela Crippen Adams (1961-    ) and Robert Adams; Werewolves (anth 1988) with Jane Yolen; Phantoms (anth 1989) with Rosalind M Greenberg; Mummy Stories (anth 1990); Phantom Regiments (anth 1990) with Pamela Crippen Adams and Robert Adams; The Rivals of Weird Tales (anth 1990) with Stefan R Dziemianowicz (whom see for further Horror-based anthologies with this collaborator) and Robert Weinberg ; Cults of Horror (anth 1990) with Waugh; Devil Worshipers (anth 1990) with Waugh; Civil War Ghosts (anth 1991) with Waugh and Frank D McSherry; Back from the Dead (anth 1991) with Waugh; The Fantastic Adventures of Robin Hood (anth 1991) (see Robin Hood); Fantastic Chicago (anth 1991) (see Urban Fantasy); Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger's Seven Sweetest Dreams (anth 1991); Horse Fantastic (anth 1991) with Rosalind M Greenberg; New Stories from the Twilight Zone (anth 1991) (see Twilight Zone); Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves (anth 1991) with Alan Dean Foster; A Taste for Blood (anth 1992) with Dziemianowicz and Weinberg; Dracula: Prince of Darkness (anth 1992) (see Dracula); After the King: Stories in Honor of J R R Tolkien (anth 1992), a series of homages honouring the memory, but not the style or very often the themes, of J R R Tolkien; Tales of Riverworld * (anth 1992) and Quest to Riverworld * (anth 1993), with Philip José Farmer, Edward Kramer and Richard Gilliam (1950-    ); Frankenstein: The Monster Wakes (anth 1993) (see Frankenstein); Betcha Can't Read Just One (anth 1993) with Foster; A Newbery Halloween (anth 1993) with Waugh; Confederacy of the Dead (anth 1993) with Gilliam and Edward E Kramer; Alien Pregnant by Elvis (anth 1994) with Esther Friesner; Peter S. Beagle's The Immortal Unicorn (anth 1995) with Peter S Beagle and Janet Berliner; Sisters in Fantasy (anth 1995) with Susan Shwartz; Heaven Sent: 18 Glorious Tales of the Angels (anth 1995) with Peter Crowther; Tombs (anth 1995) with Crowther Edward E Kramer, MHG anon.

In the 1990s, an increasing proportion of MHG's titles appeared with his name missing from the title page; usually, but not always, he would be listed on the copyright page. The reason for this modesty may have been a market response to readers' sense that MHG had saturated the Anthology market. The listing above should be treated as a selection only. MHG also edited numerous fantasy anthologies with Isaac Asimov. [JC]

Martin Harry Greenberg


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