Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gregorian, Joyce Ballou

(1946-1991) US writer whose father was an Armenian immigré from Iran. Her Tredana TrilogyThe Broken Citadel (1975), Castledown (1977) and The Great Wheel (1987) – is set in a Land of Fable that bears some resemblance to Persia, and is attainable by young Sib from Massachusetts when she stumbles through one Portal or another as each volume begins. Each novel reflects a new stage in Sib's maturation, and on re-entering the Tredana Empire afresh she finds it has been evolving rapidly. In a sometimes overcomplex storyline – shot through with passages of Tredanian folklore, verse and history – Sib interacts meaningfully with Leron, young heir to the throne, and Semiramis, who is perhaps an Avatar of the Goddess; one of the themes of Tredanaian Myth is the perhaps impermanent defeat of the Great Mother (see Goddess) and victory of the First Father. In Castledown – the title is also the name of a game, and Player gods are playing this game with Tredana as board – Sib's growing up (see Rite of Passage) is reflected in hints that the land is developing technology; the final volume confirms a sense of irrevocable change. [JC]

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