Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Gunnarsson, Thorarinn

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(1957-    ) US writer whose Starwolves series – The Starwolves (1988), Battle of the Ring (1989), Tactical Error (1991) and Dreadnought (1992) – is sf, but whose other work is fantasy, always in series. The Song series – Song of the Dwarves (1988) and Revenge of the Valkyrie (1989) – is Nordic Fantasy, incorporating elements of the Nibelungen saga. The Dragons sequence – Make Way for Dragons! (1990), Human, Beware! (1990) and Dragons on the Town (1992) – makes lighthearted play of the plight of a young Dragon stranded in the Otherworld of California. Dragon's Domain (1993) is a fantasy novel set in 1880s Norway. TG has contributed Dragonlord of Mystara * (1994) and Dragonking of Mystara * (1995) to the Mystara segment of the Dragonlord Chronicles. [JC]

Thorarinn Gunnarsson


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