Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lernet-Holenia, Alexander

(1897-1976) Austrian writer of elegant fantasy and other work. Baron Bagge (1936; trans Jane B Greene) and Graf Luna (1955; trans Richard and Clara Winston as Count Luna) were published together in English as Count Luna: Two Tales of the Real and Unreal (omni 1956 US). Baron Bagge is a Posthumous Fantasy whose narrator – who is engaged in a suicidal cavalry charge in World War I, and who refuses to cross a golden bridge – awakens in the knowledge that everyone has been killed. Count Luna is a kind of Ghost Story in which a concentration-camp victim haunts the man who put him there. Mars im Widder ["Mars in Aries"] (1941) is a World War II fantasy, told in terms reminiscent of Franz Kafka. [JC]

Alexander Lernet-Holenia


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