Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Maroto, Esteban

(1942-    ) Spanish Comic-strip artist, with a fine decorative line style; his sensuous, moody, evocative fantasy artwork has been published widely and received many awards, including (1971) the Academy of Comic Book Arts Award for Best Foreign Artist.

In the early 1960s EM became art assistant to Manuel Lopez Blanco, with whom he produced episodes of Las Aventuras del FBI ["The Adventures of the FBI"]. He subsequently formed his own studio with Carlos Giminez (1941-    ), producing book covers, illustrations and comic strips including the popular Western Buck John and El Principe de Rhodes ["The Prince of Rhodes"], and some highly rated romance strips for the UK. In 1963 he joined the agency Selecciones Illustradas, and in 1967 he created the long and complex sf saga Cinco por Infinito (trans as Zero Patrol #1-#10 1984-1988 US). In 1971 he created the Sword-and-Sorcery tale Wolff: La Reina de los Lobos ["Wolff: the Queen of the Wolves"] for the magazine Dracula (trans #1-#12 1972-1973 UK; graph coll 1973 US); in similar vein came Manly (trans as Dax the Warrior in Eerie #39-#50 1972-1973). He became a prolific contributor to the Warren Publishing's Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella, and has worked on the Marvel Comics characters Satanna, Conan and Red Sonja and the DC Comics characters Amethyst and Aquaman.

EM is best when creating Secondary Worlds, and seems distinctly uncomfortable with gory violence, as in Dracula: Vlad the Impaler (#1-#3 1993 US). His most recent US work has been Savage Sword of Conan (#218 1994). Meanwhile he continues to produce more delicate and decorative fantasy comics for the Spanish market. [RT]

Esteban Maroto


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