The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Third Edition

Author/Editor Questionnaire

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The SFE3 questionnaire form is, we hope, simple and self-explanatory. Also, of course, it's entirely voluntary. We hope that authors and editors will take the opportunity to supply facts from the most reliable source. Skip any fields that don't apply, or which you prefer not to fill in. We ask for an e-mail address in case we should need to contact you with queries, but we do not intend to publish such addresses. Website URLs will be included in the on-line encyclopedia.

The Bibliography section is probably best prepared offline and pasted into the form. We continually track SF book publications and dates, but now intend to include not only title and year but each first edition's place of publication (e.g. city and state, city and country), name of publisher and cover artist (if any and if known). We also welcome comments on tricky bibliographic points where errors may slip in – e.g. actual publication year different from that given on the copyright page.

Although there is a query about errors in your past SFE or Encyclopedia of Fantasy entries, authors without existing entries in these volumes are of course invited to respond. As a basic principle, we include entries for any author who has published at least one printed book in or related to the sf genre.

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